HumanImage tells amazing stories in photo & 360 video

We tell amazing stories
in 360 video




Our bold and engaging content can be viewed in a headset for an immersive experience and via social channels to maximise engagement. 


Watch our 360 videos


Take a look at what we’ve been creating using the Chrome browser for a 360 experience. To arrange an immersive demo or a cardboard headset, get in touch.


Thirty Below
A 360 journey to Canada’s frozen north

Personal Training
A 360 experience with SW Fitness


"360 video is the most exciting thing to happen to visual storytelling in my lifetime"

- Harriet Hadfield, HumanImage Storyteller


Can HumanImage take your audience on a 360 journey?

We’d love to hear your ideas. 

HumanImage Harriet Hadfield

HumanImage was founded by Harriet Hadfield, a visual storyteller with 10+ years journalism experience at the BBC, ITN and Sky News. 


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